Evan Tarrh Portfolio

Evan started playing piano when he was 6 years old because he got jealous of his brother's piano lessons, and he never stopped. Growing up in Lexington, MA, he cultivated a deep love for jazz at Lexington High School, and helped lead the combo and jazz ensembles to awards at the national Ellington, Mingus, and Berklee festivals while also earning solo performance awards. At Columbia University, he continued to study jazz with Bruce Barth as he pursued a degree in computer science. Columbia's Computer Music Center sparked Evan's interest in the intersection between computing and music, which led to his exploration and pursuit of music production.
Evan graduated from Columbia in 2016 and currently lives in New York. He continues to write, produce, and perform creative music while working as a software engineer.
bug band
My friends made a game about bugs rocking out, and I made the music for it! It rules, play it here!
I've released a couple of EPs under my indie jazz project, Luckbox. You can check out the music I wrote, recorded, and produced on Bandcamp or Spotify!
compositions (traditional)
selected soundcloud beats
all of you

herbie hancock solo

(miles davis quintet, 1964)

flor de lis

aaron parks solo

(gretchen parlato, 2004)

there will never be another you

kenny garrett solo

(solid, 1986)

autumn leaves

makoto ozone solo

(dear oscar, 1998)

if i were a bell

gerald clayton arrangement

(bond: the paris sessions, 2011)


makoto ozone solo

(pandora, 2000)

songs i made for things
intro song for Techsetters podcast
Techsetters alternate intro
podcast intro for The Games That Made Us
song for iOS arcade game "Squid"